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No erections / sex drive

January 24, 2017

I've asked this a couple different times and read a lot of shit about it but I can't seem to get anywhere with it.

Was 25 year old virgin. Had porn induced ED and couldn't get hard when I was with a couple girls at 21 years old. Did Nofap at 25. Met virgin oneitis on day 90 and got rock hard/went caveman. Was too blue pill and lost her quickly without fucking (was long distance). Found TRP and had depression for a year (due to many factors). Started lifting and went to some escorts 7 times. Only got hard 3 out of the 7. Got a back injury and stopped lifting after 6 months.

It's a year and a half later since the oneitis/TRP and I've finally moved to a new place. Girls check me out here and flirt with me, im considered a sexual being for the first time in my life. It's blowing my fucking mind.

I'm 27, confident as fuck, polarising, read everything on TRP, practiced it and understand it. I'm really truly happy to get back on track with my life. New career, friends, everything! I'm not fat, do yoga, do bodyweight fitness, meditate, people love me, got a lot of friends and make friends easily!

But I can't get erections at all and have zero sex drive. The only girl I think sexually about is that oneitis. I never masturbate or watch porn or have any desire to. Eat healthy and for a high T diet. Had my T checked and it's 700 which isn't too bad but not amazing.

Im stress free right now after a year and a half of shitty family drama. Just got in a car and left and feel so Fucking happy you have no idea. But still have zero sex drive.

I don't know what to do anymore. My doctor didn't give a fuck and basically just considered me non priority due to funding cuts.

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