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No fap 7 days causing shame in sexuality?

July 10, 2017

I have a lot of experience with no fap and can do it without issue. I usually have a few weeks of Nofap and then indulge with porn for a week or few days then back on Nofap.

My life is a lot more settled right now than it's ever been so I was planning on doing no fap for a week or two then going to see an escort next week for my third time having sex (first two were a few years ago with an escort followed by 5 consecutive fails to get hard).

I watched porn for a week then started on no fap. At the start of the week I was so ready and excited to go to the escort but now a week later I am just so full of self loathing and anxiety about sex and the expectation of the experience.

I've been working away so I couldn't just skip the week and go straight away, and I prefer to use the experience as a reward for a successfully week of keeping to positive habits.

I notice this when I do Nofap and it's a huge part of the reason I was so needy and blue pill with my oneitis. Why does this happen?

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