I hesitated before making a thread in this sub reddit since i did not feel like the topic entirely related to TRP. Posted it on /r/dating and haven't had a single reply in 15 hours.. I've started browsing TRP a month ago, and i must say, by far, favorite subreddit.

Alright, here you go. Hope you can help a brother out with any type of advice! The more quick, the better!

The amount of stress on my mind at the moment is unbearable and i really feel like posting this would help relieve some of it! (First post on reddit ever, so mercy please!)

Recently, i took some motivation from a friend and a particular subreddit, grew a pair, and asked a girl i had a crush on out last Tuesday. She's a solid 8. We agreed on a date for Sunday. This is the first time i have ever asked out a girl and the fact that she agreed on a date with me made me incredibly happy. She gave me her number, success!

Just to keep the long story a bit shorter, we both ended up texting each other day and night for the next few days before our date, and i could easily tell this girl really did have a thing for me by the way she texted. I was incredibly surprised and pleased, we flirted back and forth; i could no longer get this chick out of mind.

Come Sunday, the day of my very first date ever. I meet her at the entrance of the restaurant and give her a hug. We went to our seats i reserved for the day, ate food, but mostly talked about her, did a bit of kino, she laughed a lot, smiled a lot. I thought i was going in the right direction. Fast forward to the time she's about to leave. As we walk to the car, i told her i have feelings for her. She replied by saying she likes me but would like to go into the relationship slowly. I totally understand after hearing about her entire life story on our date. After that, i looked into her eyes, both smiled, and i just ended up hugging her....i fucked up big time, that was an opportunity for a kiss. Later that day, she tells me how much fun she had, but in my opinion, i feel like i could have done way better. I still can't stop thinking of the mistakes i've made that day, i had the opportunity to hook her in.

This week, i'm pretty busy with the amount of studying and homeworks due before finals. I also found out today that i didnt do to well on my previous ECN exam and so the stress keeps building up. Today, i made a joke over text and she took it the wrong way. She replied in an extremely bitchy way, and she hasn't been actively texting as usual. I apologize, and she still acts bitchy, i feel like i just threw away a chance with a girl i love. We eventually ended up agreeing to meet up tomorrow but there was no enthusiasm behind her agreeing to meet up like it usually showed in her texts. The stress and anxiety keeps building.

It's 1:26AM right now, and i can't sleep, i can't stop thinking about this girl i'm madly in love with. I really feel like i fucked up big time. i'm taking this harder than i actually should be.

i really need some advice on what to do on our next meetup. Should i just open up with a kiss? Apologize? And if all goes well, how am i supposed to follow up with other dates/meetups? How do i "hook"/"seal the deal" with this girl? How do i take it a step further? Or am i just over thinking it?

Talked to her today, and she seemed overly frustrated to talk to :(

TLDR: How do i "seal the deal"/"hook" a girl into me after a not so great first date?

EDIT: I find out later that the reason she was so frustrated was due to family issues.

EDIT 2: I'm really am amazed by the amount of advice given, really, thanks a lot! No matter what the criticism was, i took it, i really did mean it when i said any type of advice was welcome. I know that a lot of people are shouting ONEITIS or read the side bar of the red pill. I currently am reading the side bar but videos seem to help the most. I'm ready to go on the journey of being Alpha material, and if you guys could recommend any videos/or where to find "alpha" people in college and be around them, please feel free to comment!