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NoFap, Frustration, MonkMode?

December 4, 2015

So I've made a few threads in the past before about these issues and I've gotten some advice to which I'm really grateful for.

I've been on NoFap for nearly 200 days now. Made my way to TRP from there after my only female prospect in my life which is a failed oneitis 4 months back. I'm a late 20's virgin and pretty much since finding TRP and my oneitis situation I totally fucked up, it's all I can think about all day. It's really truly pathetic and I hate myself because of it. Thinking or doing anything else seems entirely pointless and without reason. I have read 'The Power Of Now' and understand how to not take it as seriously and ignore my thoughts but it just leads back there everyday.

I am currently stuck in a living situation where I live and work with my parents in a town where I basically don't qualify as a human being due to various social issues. I don't have any career or social life here and just reading the TRP frustrates me beyond belief. I'd love to have even the slightest bit of possible female prospects imaginable but while I'm here I feel like total shit all the time so it would be irrelevant anyway. (Even when I take short breaks to visit my old workplace and friends to which their company and time I enjoy greatly, my mind is still permanently swamped with my oneitis thoughts)

I'm working on leaving and moving to a large town where I have some friends and I can really start my TRP journey and hopefully rebuild some charisma and confidence but it won't be for a while.

Basically I'm asking should I just fap and risk letting myself fall down that hole of orgasm addiction again? I feel like it would just chill me out and help me get over my pathetic oneitis obsession that I've just built into an all encompassing deity that I let control my life and ruin my mental health.

I'm not sure how TRP feels about NoFap in general. I've asked this same question last month over there and they were adamant the answer is "NO" and had good reasons for it, but I would like to hear some more unbiased opinions.

(Btw I'm aware of the absurdity of asking an Internet forum whether or not if I should fap)

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