I told my girlfriend I was moving out of my parents house yesterday. After we had a bunch of loud sex and made my whole family uncomfortable, I segued into how I had gotten on the waitlist for my friends apartment complex and that wouldn't be a problem anymore. She of course asked when I had done this, and it was only this past tuesday, the last day we hung out. So I only waited one time I saw her to bring it up. I did tell her had been in the back of my mind for a month though (shouldnt have said that).

My girlfriend, being really smart, immediately told me that I had been pushing her away to see how painful it would be to see her less often (new place is 1 hour away instead of 12 minutes away). She pretty much nailed it. That's exactly what I did. She even noticed how I dropped hints subconsciously like talking more about which guns I wanted to buy (my parents don't want them in the house but are okay when I move out). For about 30 minutes, she insisted that I apologize to her for making her feel like she was going crazy (I had denied her previous accusations of pushing her away). I proceeded to continue to deny any wrongdoing for not telling her my thoughts sooner, or that I had been pushing her away. I just kept looking right at her and saying "No, I would never want to make you feel crazy" and just "No theres nothing for me to apologize for I was never pushing you away" and what not. Or just "No".

She called me a dick who was unable to take responsibility for my actions, and "we'll see how you feel when I hurt you and don't apologize ". I said "Okay ". After that she was perfectly happy the rest of the night and we had sex several more times.

I think it was a mistake to even mention the move to her, but at the end of the day in her female mind she is routing for me to get my own apartment even if it means a longer distance between us. Not only that, in all her begging for me to apologize to her, she was happy that I did not apologize for shit despite her having a really good point about me fucking with her feelings.

Did I pretty much just pass a giant shit test? Early on in the relationship we talked about me moving closer to my job which is when she admitted she didn't want me to move any further away because she loved me. When I told her I wasn't actually going to move yet, I feel like that was kind of a failed shit test even though I was really just saving up my money and it didn't have anything to do with her. But it definitely came off as clingy at the time and now I finally redeemed myself for that.

There's the old story about the one guy whose wife said "don't go off to war honey, I love you so much" and instead of going, he actually said "okay babe, I will stay here with you and the kids." She left him a month later.