Not butthurt, Just want to understand : Did I fuck up?

January 14, 2019

Saw girl 5 times, she was REALLY into me. Did smash. Invited me over for new years. Her sisters and mom were there. I stayed the night and hung out all day.

About a week ago we were texting a little at night. She thought I was being short or whatever. I just didn't really know what to text and I was a tiny bit busy. I said in response to that "idk what to do then" like Idk what to say.

She said Ok bye. I took this as a shit test/bluff what have you and didn't text back. It's been like 5 days. I wanted to see if she'd reach out. The last time I saw her was great and she was happy to have me around. Just now she removed me on all social media. Is it safe to say she won't come back? Not butthurt, I haven't really even thought about her in the last 5 days and DEFINITELY was not gonna LTR cause shes young and hasn't ridden the carousel yet. She also is infatuated with Disney which IMO is a red flag and is fucking weird for an adult.

I'd just like to understand the scenario from a RP perspective and see if I really did fuck up and she just assumed I wasn't interested and moved on? I sure as shit cant reach out to her now cause that's mega needy.

Let me know If you need more information to give a better answer.

Thanks bros!

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Title Not butthurt, Just want to understand : Did I fuck up?
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