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Observations of odd couples

January 16, 2019

Since my redpilling I've thought a lot about odd couples. I feel like everyone knows at least one couple where the partners have drastically different SMV's and you think, how the hell are these two together? I recently made friends with a couple that is just that, girlfriend has a college education and could honestly be an amateur porn star if she wanted (easily a 7.5). Meanwhile the guy she's been dating for I believe the better part of 2 years is balding, has dad bod, makes just as much maybe slightly more $$$ than her (they work at the same place, maybe hes got a trust fund?), after a night with him I'm not left laughing my ass off out the door, seems to be able to maintain frame just as well as the average chump, I've even observed a few scenarios where his frame was shaken at least a little and I can tell he was being reactionary. I've talked to my blue pilled friends about this and their answer is always some flavor of "well some people just have really compatible personalities" but it's just hard for me to believe that someone is just that wonderful that they can honestly let the rest of themselves go without fear of another equally/more qualified competitor coming along and snatching her up (even thinking about doing it myself if the opportunity presents itself). What are your thoughts/observations on these odd couples? How long did those relationships last?

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