Ok last week this girl I’ve been with for like 3+ months said that I was disrespectful and she wasn’t going to tolerate it etc and said she wants to break up…I tried apologizing but she said that there’s no going back etc. She was supposed to fly in and see me last week but said she canceled the trip(which is fine). The breakup was really an excuse for whatever reason cause I know I didn’t do anything wrong.

Later she went out with her girlfriends and starts doing all the things she was supposed to do with me over the weekend by going to the strip club and doing other stuff( I know this because she didn’t block me on any socials). I knew at that time she was just being petty and trying to get a reaction out of me. She just was going crazy on social media (that’s fine do you lol). Regardless I didn’t care enough to initiate any convo or text …it was over after all right ?

Anyways I woke up this morning and Instagram said that someone attempted to access my account from central LA …I live in the upscale parts near Malibu. I later find out she actually flew out to LA (remember she told me she canceled the trip) smh

So tell me guys why do all this if she wanted to leave me ? I’m genuinely curious and has anyone had some funny stuff happen like this ?

Like why be petty and “try” to make me jealous and then come out to my city and attempt to access my Instagram account ? Like she made it clear she doesn’t want me lol

Guys help a brother out ..what is going on ?

TL;DR : ex tries to be petty immediately after breaking up and even goes so far as to fly to my city and attempt to even hack my Instagram. Why?