Oneitis due to insecurity when spinning only one plate

September 10, 2019

I have known about the redpill for around a year now and been spinning plates for some months. In the last weeks, all of my plates broke and I am left with only one plate.

I met her at a club, and fucked her the same night at her house. We met only two more times, one of those we could not fuck due to logistics. She is a cute 7.5/10 on a good day, petite (really my type) and n-count 4 including me. Something important is that there are many red flags: daddy issues, vegeterian and only guy friends.

For context, I never had much success with girls, and didnt lose my virginity until my late teens. Now this girl is crazy about me, and this makes me feel good for some reason.

Even though I have scored and know I can score hotter girls, I cannot stop thinking about her. I never met a girl which was actually interesting when talking to, and this fucks with my head.

I am hitting the gym (4 times a week), making decent money, eating a very clean diet (counting macros, kcal and micros every day) and on my mission (building my business). But still losing motivation due to this pussy.

I still mantained a lot of frame and dread on her, so there is low risk of this plate breaking.

But is there any way I can prevent this from becoming on a bigger oneitis? How can I fix these insecurities when fucking more girls does not help?

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Title Oneitis due to insecurity when spinning only one plate
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