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Only assertive when being attacked

August 26, 2017

What i've realised is i only get assertive about things when people are trying to attack me. I'm a very easy going dude but generally walk around with low confidence and low energy.

People try to attack me constantly and i only really perk up and get assertive when i finally have to deal with these cunts. I noticed this with my pre TRP oneitis also. I wasn't leading and it took her attacking me for me to really show her she can't fuck with me and take charge. But instead i just walked away because she went too far etc.

I recently cut off a good friend whos business i helped him start up and get thriving and in return after many years he insulted me, took all my help for granted and took all the credit. I showed up the other day, took all my assets and said good luck.

The Issue: I'm not inspiring the fear/respect to stop people from fucking with me preemptively. Not sure where i can start with this. Appreciate any replies thanks.

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