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Paid sex in Thailand?

October 8, 2016

I've been on TRP a year and I think I actually do worse with women now. I'm also very depressed and it's ruining my life.

I've been out doing exciting things over the last few months but I haven't enjoyed a single second of any of it. I'm just too hung up on my lack of experiences with women, I want those experiences now.

All my friends easily pull constantly. Most are more socially retarded than me, don't lift, very BP, emotionally open, boring. And they get opened, go home, the works etc. I open myself constantly and just get hostility.

I'm basically a 27 year old virgin (had paid sex 3 times this year) and I just want to go and get sex out of my system so I don't fucking care anymore. Been dealing with these feelings for 10 years and I'm not closer to getting anywhere while everyone else has moved on with their life.

I've never been one to blame my race but being an ugly Indian guy is an actual issue that causes my reality I've since come to realise.

Has anyone here had paid sexual experiences in Thailand? I just want to rock up for 2 weeks, have a lot of cheap paid sex and then leave. And then maybe I'll start doing this once a year or something. I have no other fool proof plan on getting laid and it's time to get it over with.

Are there any risks to this? How common is sex tourism over there? Is it legal or something done behind the scenes? Appreciate any advice from people who have been to Thailand.

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