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Party anxiety and apathy [vent]

February 25, 2018

Went to a party this weekend. Pretty much talked to no one all weekend. Had nothing to talk to anyone about. Didn't talk to a single girl, straight up ignored and avoided them. Huge amount of Chad game going on from most of the other dudes but no hook ups (most girls were paired).

I haven't been that socially retarded ever before but I just didn't care.

30 yr old virgin. Been on TRP 3 years now and have completely lost any progress I might have made I think.

Just have a huge apathy towards life. Absolutely no interest in anything. This leads me having absolutely no game or zest for life. Every social interaction is way to outcome dependent, so I just didn't talk to any girls.

Got a new job and made some gains in the last year and moved to a new place but didn't realise how empty my life is until I got to this place where I had absolutely nothing to say.

Sat with a couple chads at one point sharing sex stories and I wanted to shoot myself.

Going to take some money out this year and go fuck a ton of escorts. It's the only thing I care about anymore.

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