Ok. So this is weird. This girls not really a plate, we’ve hung out 3 times. And 3rd time I tried for sex. I tried to lube up her butt to put it in but it wouldn’t go in she was too tight. So i rubbed my dick on her vagina (with a condom on). We ate eachother out, etc. but no thrusting/penetration. Tonight she snapchats me, “did we have sex last time we hung out”. I replied, “no your buttholes too tight” and she said again something like, “oh so we just have anal?” And i replied, “no we couldn’t. We dont have to have sex i just like hanging out.”

I’m nexting her. She’s done, weird... she replied something else but I didn’t read it. I have screenshots of her messaging me after we hung out last time (her sending selfies to me) and me asking about her trip so I did cover my ass incase she’s trying to set me up for some reason.

I swear though... this plating shit is too much drama/too risky. Fuck all these little fucking hoes.