Plate that I was going to promote to LTR lied

December 27, 2020

Hello, I have been reading and trying to apply redpill for a few months. So far so good and just wanted some opinions on my current situation.

So a plate Hb8.5 I have had for about a year and vetting I decided to promote to LTR. We have a lot in common and she ticks all the boxes, cooks for me, submissive, busy me gifts, fucks me and sucks me on demand but we had a problem around midway as she was constantly pressuring for a relationship so I had to soft next her for a couple of months as it became really annoying.

So recently I started hooking her up again with a view to promote into LTR because she ticks the boxes but before anything I asked if she slept with anyone in my circle or that I know during the time I wasn't seeing her because we share an environment where we have lots of friends or associates in common. I didn't want to get myself into a shitty situation and she always tells me about how other men are trying to bed her.

So long story short, she said "No". After that I find out that she did indeed sleep with one of my friends/associates. Apparently he called her over for some training (we are all athletes) and she somehow ended up sleeping with him, twice. She also said she was very naive and she shouldn't have but it happened. I asked her why she didnt tell me when I asked her and she said she didn't want me to think she was easy.

This girl does have a low n count because she has been in a relationship for 10 years and as soon as she broke up with her ex she became my plate so she has only had a year to ride the carousel and mostly been with me. She kept apologising and saying she was sorry and I was cool about it because at the end of the day she is still just a plate however kind of disappointed because she was ticking the boxes however for me a lie is a deal breaker no matter how small or big because if you can lie about something small, sure you can lie about something bigger right?

TLDR; Plate that was potential LTR lied about sleeping with someone I know, deal breaker for me, am I doing the right thing?

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