Plate/FWB fucks me and hangs out with me but doesn't want me driving her home (?)

April 20, 2019

I (M22) 've been seeing this girl (F19) for about 3 months, not the best but she's ok, she was a virgin before meeting me and she's kinda shy and restrained

We've did a lot of different things and visited different places when hanging out, from parks, museums and movies to not doing anything in particular or the classic "Netflix n' Chill" at my place, reason why I started considering her more of a FWB than just a plate

But the thing is that she doesn't want me going to her place, not even just driving her home after we hang out (she doesn't live very far from me). I've ended up discovering where she actually lives, and the place isn't anything particularly ugly , dangerous or something. She lives with a female friend that I met once, and it's nothing special

It makes me really curious: she lost her v-card with me, she comes to my place, we meet almost every weekend and do a lot of different stuff, but she doesn't let me drive her home? Doesn't make sense that she's afraid of me somehow or anything like that, and I do not think that she lied about living with her friend

What could it be?

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Title Plate/FWB fucks me and hangs out with me but doesn't want me driving her home (?)
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Date April 20, 2019 2:37 AM UTC (2 years ago)
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