Currently have one plate and one prospect. I had to leave town almost two weeks ago and will return in a few days after Christmas. Plate has texted me multiple times during my absence how she misses me and shit. Prospect didn't. We met three times in total, kiss on the first date, heavy makeout on the second and third, she came multiple times and blew me (no sex because she was on her period and insecure about it).

I don't care about texting at all, but she was very high interest in person, drove 90 minutes out of the neighboring town every time we met and couldn't keep her hands off me when we were together. It seems strange she hasn't texted me at all (especially since we're both still in our teens). I think I might text her some "merry Christmas" ping or something tonight to see if she's still receptive or if she lost interest during my absence. Is that a bad idea? Should I just keep radio silence until I'm back in town?