And then read it again. Take notes if you have to. You are all asking very easily answered questions. They have been asked and answered so many times in fact, that they put it in....the sidebar.

90% of these asktrp posts are people bitching about their lives passive aggressively. Seriously. Read the shit you just wrote before you hit post. Can you actually read those words and read the sidebar, then tell us you don't know what your problem is?

You want to know who gets pussy? You want to know who gets the job of their dreams, or who builds a life that seems like a lot more fun than work? I'll tell you.

It's men who ACTUALLY DO SHIT. Men who are too busy making moves to stop and give a shit what anyone, especially any one random girl thinks.

Almost all of the posts on this sub revolve around dealing with one specific girl. How can you seriously overthink fucking TEXTING a girl? Is this cool? Will she like me if I say/do this? You all pretend you understand core TRP principles, but all I see here is sugar coated, disguised, whiny beta oneitis bullshit. Where is the abundance mentality?

Step one. Read the fucking sidebar!

Step two. Decide your goals

Step three: ACTUALLY DO SHIT and do it for yourself

step four: as if by magic, reap the rewards of putting in the time and effort.