Pulling a power move at work

July 29, 2019

Been at my job for almost two years. There are 3 people in my dept. Recently, my coworker quit and gave his exit interview. In his exit interview, he exposed my manager for being a shitty worker and manager.

The company was shocked and cant let me leave now so they immediately gave me a raise of $5k bumping me to $50,000 annual.

Then they told me they are going to fire my manager in a couple months until the new coworker is fully trained, around november, and promote me to “senior” and give me $60,000 annual. I would be running the dept and i would have to stay for at least a year.

However, there is no guarantee that my new coworker will perform well enough in a couple months or that they absolutely fire my manager. As In the past they’ve made some empty promises about fixing things then after a couple weeks nothing happened.

So i want to get the raise of $60,000 now as a sign of good faith to show they are for real about this so i don’t screw myself waiting/investing months to get this promotion and never ends up happening.

I am thinking that I just tell them I appreciate them investing in me and it is the right direction to take. However, I’m hesitant on committing as there is a lot of uncertainty and a lot can change in a couple months so i would want the promotion now as i am assuming the role anyway or just the money to act as a sign of good faith.

Again my director stressed that i am his priority and they are screwed if i leave now so i have a ton of leverage and need to maximize this situation.

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