Throw-away account. Been binge-reading TRP for a about a month now. It's all true, all of it. I'll save you some extended sob story, but my mother's the kind of trifling bitch who decides to throw away a marriage and sabotage her son's relationship with his parents over some fucking Chad's dick. Dunno where my Dad is at, Chad left a long time ago.

Anyways, I need to get financially independent ASAP. Problem is, I haven't got the first fucking clue. I'm 21 and have literally never seriously looked for a job my entire life. My mother doesn't want me to become financially independent because she knows I will bounce. I've very recently looked around for advice on the internet but much like advice with dating women, it's very hard to seperate bullshit from reality. So I figured I'd ask the realest motherfuckers I know, you guys.

Some relevant information. I can't drive but I can cycle for fucking miles, I live in Australia so the job market isn't dire, and obviously I've got a resume gap of about 4 fucking years since I completed high school. Here's the good news. My best friend is willing to share rent with me for a cheap place as soon as I can get a job. He has his shit together.

I know beggars can't be choosers, but I'd rather not go full time. I want to live off the bare essentials, and have enough time to go fucking monk mode, sort out my shit diet, learn to drive, maybe start lifting. I can't do that shit within the context of this house right now because it would all be on her fucking dollar.

I'm pissed as fuck right now and prepared to do anything. I'm done being a victim and won't end up a fucking statistic. Help a brother out.

EDIT: Ignore that shit about full time. You guys are right.