Realized I might be extremely beta in relationship, GF acting up

March 26, 2019

I had to cancel on plans to hang out and fuck last weekend for logistical reasons and, instead, I ended up calling her. But recently (past few days), I can sense I decrease in interest and distant behavior from her. I might have invested too much and showed to much emotion and beta. I've been keeping abundance by flirting with other girls, but I realized that I'm too emotionally invested.

Today I was focusing on my stuff and was kind of rude to her, and she told me that she was gonna go talk to another guy if I didn't talk to her. I complied saying "fine ill talk to you". I'm not sure if I showed jealousy but it was more of a surprise that she would overtly threaten me, not because other guy was competition.

But anyway, I'm slowly starting to realize that the blue is still strong in me, and it hurts. I think I denied AWALT, because this girl was very conservative and good values.

Being introspective, I'm emotionally hurt right now, because it just struck me that this relationship will inevitably end. I know that I should soft next and focus on myself, and that is what I am promptly going to do. I used to be able to easily soft next, but I think i've invested too much emotion. Anyways, do you guys have any advice for me? Or anyone care to share their experiences?

Also, I'm still very young (high school).

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Title Realized I might be extremely beta in relationship, GF acting up
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