This is one area where I always get caught off guard and never really know how to respond. Sometimes I joke about it with a light A&A ("you're pretty cool", "I know, and don't you forget it!") or or just talk about whatever it was ("nice car", "I actually got a really good deal on it, and it gets great gas mileage").

But the other day a plate of mine asked me if I've been working out (which I have). I just said "yeah, I'm thinking of getting in to rock climbing and wanted to start some strength training first". I don't think it was a shit test, she's pretty chill and we've been together for a few months, but just curious how you all handle this kind of stuff. Should you graciously accept compliments, ignore them, disqualify, or just not acknowledge that's it's a compliment and just turn it in to conversation?

Also, inb4 "it depends, brah!" I know it does, just looking for some general rules of thumb etc.