Seeing former crush tonight

October 20, 2018

English is not my native language and I am both drunk and hungover so sorry if there are some mistakes

I had a huge crush on this HB8 former colleague (let's call her A) even though I was in a relationship with a girl for seven years. I was super blue pilled and one of her orbiters (like all of the guys at work). Nothing happened between us and she played with me until she crossed a line and I stopped replying her texts and talking to her at work apart from hello and good bye. She quit the job and I avoided seeing her so the relationship broke.

Some weeks after we saw each other at a another former colleague's (let's call her E, who is A's best friend) birthday party and that night I left the place with A and ended up having some beers at a park bench and making out. She was leading the whole night as I didn't care anymore and I was not in a sexual mood at all (actually another former colleague told me to go to her place that night and I said no) because I just had dumped my ex girlfriend and was going through a monk mode period (I hadn't discovered TRP yet but somehow I knew that was the right thing to do) and I had very important stuff to do with my bank the following morning so had to wake up very early and my place was super messed up. I think I could have fucked her, but she didn't want us to go to her place and I didn't want us to go to mine either because what I just wrote and I was a bit stoned so not horny at all.

I texted her some days after to meet but she was sick and she never rescheduled so I just left it there.

I haven't seen her since the night we made out besides one day E insisted me to meet for a drink and A was there. The minute I got there everyone left the two of us alone but we didn't bring the topic, actually the next day A was celebrating her birthday and I didn't attend because I still was avoiding her.

So tonight a former colleague (I quit the job too, that place was toxic) is hosting a dinner and A is attending. I know that at some point I'll be alone with her because we are the only ones that smoke cigarrettes so we'll go outside for a smoke eventually. She is super hot and of course I want to bang her, but on the other hand I don't want to act needy.

So guys, how would you address the situation and let her know that you want to fuck her but not looking desperate?

TL,DR: I used to like a girl very much, nothing happened between us. She acted like a bitch and I avoided her but next time I saw her we made out. I've kept avoiding her since then but I'll see her tonight and I definitely wanna fuck her. Any advice?

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