She's a Virgin

March 22, 2019

Whatsup y'all. Met a girl about a month ago on Tinder. As you might've guessed from the title, she's a virgin (revealed that to me on first date). No real red flags yet. For reference -- I'm 27, she's 20. Anyway, she asked me if this was a problem, and I told her not at all, but trying to hold out just to hold out is something I won't tolerate and can sense a mile away. Essentially, I communicated that this isn't my first rodeo, and I'm not here to waste time.

Fast forward, every date featured her willingness to progress sexually. By date #3, sucking me off had become ritual. By date #5, titty-fucking became ritual. She's submissive and busts my nuts on command. And I always return in kind by rubbing her pussy and eating her out. We're very open with each other to talk about anything related to sex.

Anyway, my only complaint is that it's been a month and I've still yet to finger her pussy or go deep inside and leave the nuts hanging out. I've fingered her ass, but not her pussy (I think she's trying to protect her hymen). She stopped me in the middle of going at it yesterday to ask me, "What are we?" Of course, I deflected with humor/innocent misinterpretation. She mentioned she wouldn't give up her virginity unless she's in a relationship. I told her to relax and there's no need for a label and to keep it natural. My feeling is that probably didn't satisfy her yet.

I get she's trying to tie me down, which is generally a good problem to have-meaning she likes me a lot. How would y'all approach this situation?

She's a sweet girl, came from a conservative background but letting her hair down, so to speak, now that she's moved away from her home country (religious Muslim country with strict laws). She's been in the States for a few years now and is very honest so far (everything checks out).

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