A girl I met a few years ago (age 21 now), fucked for several months and then talked to occasionally after that. From work/mutual friends, I learned about who she got with after me whether that's a good or bad thing. Her guys went as follows as far as I know:

  1. Me (I took her virginity...10 months of fucking)
  2. Ugly "alpha" (she told me it went horrible...1 hookup)
  3. Me again
  4. Alpha (1 week, he dumped her)
  5. Beta friend (2 weeks)
  6. Beta friend (2 weeks)
  7. Beta friend (2 months)
  8. Beta guy she newly met (8 months now)

This most recent guy I've gotten to know because he started working where I do. Ok, first: he's very facially attractive. Blue eyes, great hair. But he is 5'6" (so am I so I'm not insulting it, just saying). He's an absolute, total beta. He is basically me a few years ago before I broke out of my shell and became strong and red pilled. He lets her dominate the relationship. He doesn't speak up, he is not intelligent and he makes all kinds of mistakes at whatever he's doing, and she has total control over him.

You're going to sit there and tell me how this makes sense, that she's been dating him this long now? Sure, I fell into a beta period when her and I were fucking which is why she had enough of me because I disappointed her too much. But as we stand here today, I am an alpha male; I've been doing everything needed to be alpha, and I have decent looks too. Yet she appears happy with the cute beta guy who lets her stay over at his house with his brothers and family (awe cute right, Catholic family and everything, they go to church). Basically his brothers and parents are giving her a sense of "belonging" while he does nothing because he's dumb and beta.

I admit it - it would be awesome to fuck this girl again because of how we left things the last time we did. Our sex was always good, she knows I knew how to treat her in bed. Yes, I have slept with others since her, but I can't help it because I'm still around her occasionally and just cannot fathom why she is exclusively dating a beta nice guy like this when I should be fucking her brains out still. Or at least SOME other alpha should be fucking her brains out. It honestly angers me to watch this happening.

I believe largely in red pill, but I'm starting to think honestly that some girls do just like to date beta guys if they like to control them and have the power. But the degree that they settle for a beta personality and lackluster sex? Why? I don't get it.