18 year old here, my girl is 17 and turning 18 soon. I’m honestly confused as to what I should do. She’s attractive, nice to be around etc but she’s definitely had a rough past as I think she’s been raped and may have had a promiscuous past (mainly with women tho as she’s bi) She’s pretty depressed. She’s got like quite a few piercings now and plans to get more. She’s lately had some bad news regarding the investigation of her rapist and apparently because of this, she’s not been as interested in sex as it reminds her.

To me, all of these seem like red flags although it feels dickish to label a rape victim as a red flag.

I’m not a full believer in trp but people here give good advice generally. Do i break up with her? Do i stay with her for now and just see what happens? I know not to marry her or get her pregnant.

I’m confused because I genuinely love my time with her but not sure if these red flags will hurt me in the long run.