Should I try to burn my ex on our mutual scene?

July 5, 2017

She cheated. I think I'm just angry. Pissed off that I was foolish enough to trust someone like that. My instinct is to ignore it, tell ppl it "just didn't work" or whatever.

But isn't that playing into her frame yet again? Bitch fucking cheated. People should know how much of a slut and liar she is. And in a community filled with open relationships and functional poly groups.. it's like an extra sin. Why cheat when everyone accepts an open lifestyle? Such a fucking hypocrite.

The downsides are advertising my dirty laundry and acting butthurt.. but if her reputation on this scene gets fucked and I don't have to deal with her at parties anymore might be worth

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Title Should I try to burn my ex on our mutual scene?
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Date July 5, 2017 6:32 PM UTC (4 years ago)
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