Simple questions on Rules of Tomassi 3, 5 and 8

May 21, 2018

Hi guys, I've discovered those recently and would like to clarify some aspects please, if you could share your understanding.

Iron Rule of Tomassi #3

Any woman who makes you wait for sex, or by her actions implies she is making you wait for sex; the sex is NEVER worth the wait.

What is the difference with a girl who doesn't want to have sex on the 1st night? I have the impression that we don't want girls too promiscuous and give up easily. Or is it to separate girls who genuinely want to wait until they are comfortable from girls who use sex as a tradeoff? In this case I 100% agree.

Iron Rule of Tomassi #5

NEVER allow a woman to be in control of the birth.

The birth as in, having a baby? a woman who wants to have a baby when the man doesn't want or the opposite? that would be fucked up indeed.

Iron Rule of Tomassi #8

Always let a woman figure out why she wont ƒuck you, never do it for her.

This I just don't understand the point. Can someone explain in simple words for a non native English speaker please?

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