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Smartphone addiction

July 31, 2017

Alright this isn't a usual asktrp post but I don't give a fuck

I spend my whole Fucking day on my phone reading Reddit. Redpill or other. Today I was at work for 12 hours, fuck all to do. Spent all day on the phone. Got home, lifted, made food. On the phone the whole time.

If I want to I can switch the phone off, stick it in a drawer and not use it. But I don't actually see the advantage. If I'm with friends I'll switch the phone off if necessary (it's not) and get the fuck over it. But when im alone I want stimulation, to read about shit. This is the way I've learned so much about fitness/diet/TRP, so many things from Reddit and other resources.

Yeah yeah go out and meet people etc. Yeah I go out and go to yoga and meet people on my days off but when there's a day like today where I have minimal human contact, I need/want something to do with my downtime.

Question: Is this bad and why? Can you convince me why this is a shitty way to spend my day and suggest a realistic healthy alternative. Yeah yeah get a new job, it's part of my long term plan. My current job isn't bad and today was Sunday so there wasn't much to do but I still got shit loads done.

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