So I M19 asked a girl out for the first time...

October 15, 2019

I am at work and me and this girl F22 ish are clicking pretty well, she spends her break shooting the shit with me, joking around. We vibe pretty well, and I don’t think about it at the time, but she seems pretty cool. Later on I decide I’m gonna ask her out, and it takes a minute to grow some balls but I do, the interaction goes something like this -

A friend of hers who I know - I asked the friend if the girl was single, I believe the other girl was cockblocking me - wouldn’t stop fucking talking, when I try to approach, nonstop and she knows I’m gonna ask this girl out. I give it a few minutes before my patience wears out and I’m a hair away from shoving a stapler down her throat, I get the main girls attention and I ask her:

Me: “I’m gonna be blunt, do you wanna go out sometime?”

Her: “I’m afraid of commitment.”

Me: “That’s alright. We can go out get food and talk about how marvel is better than dc.” (That is one thing she’s interested in)

Her: “okay”

Me: “great, can I get your number?”

Her: writes down her number on a piece of paper, I ask her what she wants me to save her name as in my contacts and we joke a bit.

Almost immediately after I left I felt my level of fucks drop to zero and I don’t know why.

I still have her number but I’m probably not going to text her for at least a week, partially because I’m busy on my purpose and partially because I can’t make myself care enough to do it right now.

Anyway it boosted my self esteem, Saturday I asked two other girls out and went 0/2 so at least getting on base is a good feeling.

Tldr; asked a girl out, Immedialty afterword I stopped caring, probably won’t text her for a week, is this normal? Also was my interaction okay?

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