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Social Anxiety when alone

July 10, 2018

When i am with other people (specifically friends), i walk confidently, talk to people confidently, own situations etc. But when i am alone i become a complete social retard.

Most of my week is spent alone. I briefly interact with work colleagues, flat mates, service staff. Then every other weekend i'll see a friend and i'll be a lot more confident simply in the world. How confident i am depends on how strong of a friend the person is.

But when i am alone i walk strange in the street, seem to get anxiety from random people and cause people to be scared of me because of my strange behaviour. People pretty much always cross the street.

I've had this before and managed to get past it but it seems to have returned. As far as i can guess it is a lack of mindfulness, or perhaps even a lack of something to think about so i focus on walking and start to overthink about outward expressions.

Sounds stupid, would appreciate any advice.

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