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Stuck in a rut

May 20, 2017

Background: Late 20s dude. Met my oneitis 2 years ago but fucked it up and fell into heavy depression. Moved home to help family and obsessively read TRP for 2 years without being able to really act on it. Fucked an escort a couple times to lose V but had ED issues the next 5 times.

Finally moved to my dream city (London) and started my first real job all of 2 weeks ago. (It's only a 6 month contract so i'll see what happens). Started lifting again from scratch after a year of chronic pain due to a disc bulge (improper form).

Most importantly: for the first time in my life girls are looking at me. I look like a liberal dude and work in a liberal part of the city. At least once a day a girl bumps into me or makes strong eye contact on the way to or from work but I don't do anything. My social skills are completely MIA atm. Im just too in my head and lacking confidence.

I've internalised a lot of bad shit in my head living at home in a toxic town and pissed off I'm not making the most of being in my new city. Just a lot of low self esteem shit and also that I have ED. The ED is finally working itself out now that I am living healthily, exercising regularly, sleeping properly, supplementing properly and not overly stressed out by toxic people.

I'm just wondering what healthy habits and routines should I start to break out of this mental rut I've put myself in.

All I've cared about since my oneitis and the escort is achieving at least one genuine lay in my life for all the importance it will bring to my self efficacy and I'm finally in the situation to do it but I'm just overwhelmed with what to say or do and how to go about it.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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