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Stuck/confused with escalation & progress

June 20, 2016

I'm 26 and basically a virgin (seen an escort once). I've been reading TRP for a year now. What i mainly needed was better understanding of women and understanding what is actually possible with a woman, i.e. i could actually meet a woman and sleep with her the same night. I've also worked through some mental issues, built some confidence in myself and tried my best to remove limiting beliefs (i'll never be worthy of sex etc).

I currently work most of the month with my parents and then get to spend a week in a different city where i have friends, a large social group and plenty of music events we all go to.

So this week i've been out Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and talked to many girls every night. My interactions with them are honestly a million light years ahead of how i would have talked to them in the past. Along with strong eye contact, body language, funny and witty comments/topics and fairly strong frame, i've been really happy with the amount of interest i've received and mainly how confident i've been with them.

Generally i get stuck at the same point every time. I get confused and stuck with escalation and proceeding. I'm just bad with it and either go too early, too hard or not at all.

For example i talked to maybe 7 girls on wednesday, while the primary purpose of my night was having a good time socialising with people and watching some great bands, the girls were always a secondary concern.

I made dismissive jokes to those who i could tell weren't particularlly receptive to me and that got their interest going but that's where i left it. If i bumped into them later i'd recheck their interest levels, it worked for 2 of them. Girls who were more receptive i stood there and talked to them.

Every girl i talk to i go in with the expectation of nothing and ending nowhere unless theres clear huge interest. This feels important to not get too attached to the outcome but i'm then stuck with how to proceed further. One girl in particular on wednesday seeked me out when i hadn't even talked to her, she must have found something about me attractive. I didn't respond as i was busy talking to some guy i had just met and i could see it made her anxious. She then found me later and i then accidentally talked to her in a fairly beta frame once i realised how interested and shy she was and it turned her right off. I didn't see her again. I didn't care as i was watching the headlining band and having a good time. Easy come easy go.

After that i talked to a merch girl on the way out, we caught each others eye and she was acting incredibly submissive after we started talking. I talked to her and had a great time for about 5 minutes, then I asked her name and left. I don't know what i should have done, escalated with her, asked to go out for a drink some time? I basically had to run and get my train and my logical brain just had no reason to ask anything that had plans extending beyond that night.

I'm not attractive but TRP has helped me assume the indentity of someone who thinks they are and i really can't believe it seems to work and that girls are receptive to it.

I had similar experiences on Friday and Saturday. Great at creating interest through words and body language, seeing attraction in their eyes, but then unsure how to proceed and usually the interaction just ends. I'm not sure if i'm just getting over excited at my new found ability to effortlessly approach girls and talk to them and mistaking basic interest as attraction or if i'm blatantly missing something that makes them happy for the interaction to end without either of us chasing each other.

For the record most girls i chat to are at best what TRP would consider a 6. I'm attracted to 4-7's and don't usually waste time with anyone above or below.


EDIT: Also i haven't jacked it in a week, which i think is hugely part of my confidence and frame

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