Texting: Callback humour vs. texting only for logistics?

August 19, 2019

I went on a first date yesterday. It went decent. I only did light kino since her body language showed she wasn't open to more than that. Maybe due to shyness since she just met me / we were in public, or maybe my physical game wasn't super on point. She was in my frame and qualifying herself by the end of the date. We shared a sensual/sexual hug goodbye, and she told me to text her.

Right now I texted her with some callback humour ("i've officially changed your contact info to <nickname>"), after considering sticking to logistics only. I see tradeoffs here:

  • Callback humour can make the girl feel more accepted / respected, trigger less ASD
  • Callback humour could appear socially smoother than a logistics-only text without any more context
  • Callback humour is more beta / platonic and tryhard
  • A logistics-only text could also appear smoother since it's entitled


Edit: See this is why I'm confused lol, literally the top two answers here are polar opposites. "Text only for logistics" vs "it's autistic to text only for logistics"

In any case she replied with laughter and that buys me some time to not reply for a couple days till I'm free to set up a date, without her thinking I'm ghosting her

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