Texting logistics with a girl you barely know

September 11, 2018

Met a cute girl on a train, talked a bit, was nice and got her number.

Now I'd like to follow up and I know texting is for logistics only.

Now because we only talked for like 10 minutes at night on a train, I'm not sure what to invite her to.

For example, this weekend a group of friends and me are going to a club in the city, but since she doesn't know anything about me, I doubt she'll agree to just come to my house and then go to some club.

How does one handle this? Go out for some coffee to get to know each other a bit more and then invite her again to go somewhere where one can escalate? Or can you actually escalate in the fucking coffee shop

I usually only game women I know a bit better already, so there it's no problem to invite them out for drinks.

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