The cons of TRP

March 22, 2020


So, I feel like I have gone too far in to TRP and struggle to feel much of anything for any woman and shit tests really have no/little impact on me at all - I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing, at the moment I consider it a trade off. Has anyone else experienced this lack of emotion/empathy and figured out how to combat it?

I’m starting to give serious thought to bumping an emotional unicorn (6.5/10 on looks) up to an LTR but can not, for the life of me, commit to the emotional deluge that is supposed to go with it. I think I may have kept myself so distant for so many years that, when it comes to the emotional scale, I’m scoring as ‘a bit fucked’ 😂 - I swear though, the plates love this and have yet to tire of it, almost like they are hunting for validation that I just don’t/can’t give - any advice from people who have gone through the same thing and now committed?

Many years ago I would “fall in love” ridiculously quickly, now I’m a cynical prick who thinks the very concept is ridiculous. Change my mind or affirm it please? 🤷🏼‍♂️😂

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