So, I don't have a lot of experience with women, I will admit it from the start. I've done work on myself, not just appearance, I workout for 2 years now, and I have very good physique, but the internal problems to fix such as a lot of insecurities caused by things in past took a lot longer to fix. I didn't fix them all, but it's a lot more better.

Anyway, I'm now working on how to be better with women, I'm also still a virgin and want to take care of that as well. So I started approaching women in person and talking to them and asking them out, but only the women who where flirting with me and giving me IOI's, and on social media as well. They all reject me at first, so I move on, then they come back (sometimes after week, couple of weeks, month or even 2-3 month later they came back.) So far I was ignoring all of them when they come back, but I'm starting to get a little frustrating.

One of the problems in my opinion is that I fit into relationship type category, so women want to make a guy like that to chase them so they can have power over him. Bluepill me would do that, Redpill me is aware of what kind of game they are playing, so I don't play. But, the problem is that I'm losing as well.

The thing is, that I see this kind of the same behavior on majority of them. Like they came from a factory with the same god damn chip installed in them.

I'm not looking for anything serious or a relationship. And my question is when they came back, should I just go along with it and act like I don't have issues with them playing that game and try to have sex with them, or should I just move along until women who would be more compliant and easier to get with? The other problem is that I might catch feelings for the woman I lose my virginity with.