Thot or not?

August 1, 2018

I wish there was such a subcategory, surveys to exchange on what other guys think. Everybody here has a different level of sensibility to these things...


April: This girl, near wall, joined my team in April. HB9, ex triathlete, has broken up with her LTR 3 months ago, a bit shy. I find her stunning, I tell myself "lucky I have a gf so I won't date her because she's 6 years older than me."

I know she's leaving the country soon so I let myself get close and of course few weeks later at a party we kiss. She invites me to her place that night, I politely decline. She messages me she likes me. But we've been kissing on and off since then, after social events when we are drunk and everybody else is gone.

May: she avoids me, says let's be friends because I have a gf and she can't do that to another girl. She is trying to date this other guy from the team who is single and quite cool, also older than me. They become close for a while, he ends up loosing interest.

June: this Brazilian football coach who works with her (she's a teacher) hits on her. Alpha ++, muscular, 6 pack, probably spinning 20 plates. She asks her friend "what do you think of hooking up with him just for sex: is it slutty or empowering?" her friends replies empowering. Few days later she invites him to her place and they bang. She tells her gay bf he's just a toy.

July: a Colombian guy she met and kissed at a party invites her for dinner, they get drunk together, they end up at his place. She messages him "I'm usually not like that, but I went with the flow, like you". Lol. 10 days later she sees the Brazilian again for an afternoon session. Then we party again and I end up at her place (no sex cause at 5am drunk and last minute thinking of my gf I couldnt have a boner).

August: she left the country today.


My oneitis is healing. I'm still with my gf. But lots of "what if" in my mind. If I had been single, I'd probably be dating her now. But I'm wondering what guys here think:

Thot or not? is her behavious "normal" for a girl approaching wall or is it "unacceptable" from a potential LTR point of view? Let's say, you meet this girl now and find super hot and cool but learn about this episode of her life, how do you react?

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