Been on this red pill journey for almost three years now (although I’ve got a ways to go). 21 years old, pretty muscular from lifting, and probably overall a 7/10.

I met this cute Asian chick on tinder and have been on two dates with her so far. Couldn’t go for the K-close due to logistics, but got pretty damn close in my car. I think she kinda picked up on my success with other girls (this RP stuff is like magic lol), because she was saying shit like “I won’t throw myself at you like other girls”, and just kind of trying to make herself higher value to me, at least that’s how I took it, idk. Didn’t stop her from having fun with me though, so it was whatever.

Texted her today to meet me again, and she hits me with “give me one good reason why ;)”. I’m gonna respond with “if you can’t find any reasons on your own then maybe we shouldn’t, but the offer still stands” or something like that. I’ve got two other girls I’m casually seeing so it’s not a big deal if this one dips, but I figured this might develop a decent discussion on these kinds of shit tests (they seem common, at least in my experience). Hope this isn’t too autistic lol, I don’t really post here, I try to read the theory more.