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Too quiet/unconfident around strangers

July 21, 2020

I'm way too old to be having this problem but here I am.

I moved into a flat 2 years ago and could not get on with the people at all. As a result i became more withdrawn and unconfident around strangers due to never getting on with my flatmates but was fine when around my friends.

I've just moved to a new place with loads of awesome people around but i'm just way too awkward and quiet whereas everyone else is just able to talk, be themselves and not give a fuck. I'm way too in my head and can't just start conversations or topics and just quietly remain in the background. I don't know what to say, what conversations to start. Other people are just vulnerable enough to say some shit on their mind and even if it's kinda weird people will help steer the conversation in a more normal direction. I just don't know what to say at all other than "what you doing today?" and shit like that.

In my mind, telling some kinda pointless story that goes nowhere is a waste of time but i don't mind when other people do it and will try and see where we can go with it.

Any obvious tips i should practice to try and get out of this mindset? Cheers

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