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Trouble accessing my sexuality. Recurring issue

March 10, 2018

Asked this a few times on TRP over the last 3 years. Can't seem to get anywhere

29 years old. Saw an escort a few times in 2016 otherwise no sexual experience. Experiences were pretty shitty.

In the last year I've moved to my dream city, got a good job, working out properly, started doing yoga and got my diet and vitamins on point.

Went out last night. Flirted with some girls. Had good game. One girl dropped the date she was with just to hang with me because my game was so good (not usually that good) but I just can't get horny or anything. Can't access any sexuality in me.

Was on day 7 of no fap (planned). Worked out plenty this week hitting new PRs and massively improving form.

Managed to have some girls show interest which is a once in a lifetime occurrence usually and just don't feel anything from it. Then we both get bored and move on.

I'm happy enough with most stuff about myself but I have a web of self limiting beliefs regarding women I have trouble accessing which I think is the issue. They're deeply ingrained in me. I get excited thinking about escorts but the idea of attracting a girl seems like an impossibility. I subconsciously switch my horniness off when around girls so I can interact with them.

This is probably why my game can be so good sometimes because I'm not trying to fuck her, just trying to game and have fun.

Not sure how to progress other than starting to see escorts again.

Would appreciate any ideas or advice

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