Trouble applying Red Pill to moral values

October 13, 2019

Hi all, First time poster and long time lurker. I've been reading about The Red Pill and applying it for some months now and I generally feel better and more secure about myself. I also want to thank you guys for constantly providing new information and your honesty and rationality when answering a question. It has helped me out a lot

I was reading some stuff today about a famous male asking a famous female if she had used lipfillers. The Woman didn't know this man and he had not introduced himself. This question made her uncomfortable and she felt harassed. She also called him a seksist because he said that.

Now the problem for me is that my moral compass says that it is indeed not kind to ask such a thing to a stranger. However if i think rationally about this I don't see anything wrong with it, it is just a question, not an insult.

I was wondering if you guys could give some insight about this situation. Is it important to respect the norms? Or should I not give a fuck about that(If i were in his situation) How do you apply the red pill here?


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Title Trouble applying Red Pill to moral values
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