I've done a lot of reading on here. Most of which I agree with, especially the grand scheme of what TRP is trying to convey. It seems like a lot of questions are answered by "just getting more plates". Stuck on oneitis? Just get more plates. Not as self-confident as you'd like to be? Just get more plates. Having trouble getting more plates? Just get more plates.

I find that to be not as easy as that, and I can't be the only one. I've been tackling my approach anxiety, and have improved drastically given my geographically-limited options for social growth. Nonetheless, I've only successfully 'plated' one girl, and I don't feel like that was through conventionally-redpill means.

Do you guys have a basic outline on how to "plate" girls? I realize these things can't, and shouldn't be boiled down to an exact science, but is there a general similarity in the process of "plating" a girl, starting from nothing?