See the original thread here: Essentially I got myself a crazy shit testing plate and she has been pulling weird shit since the first time we had sex. She asked me to take her shopping on the 3rd date and I think she might be a gold digger.

*UPDATE 1: On the scheduled day, I picked up plate for the movie at my place, as expected in our text conversations. On the way to my place, Plate throws out this shit test:

Plate: We can't do anything tonight. I'm on my period. I didn't wanna tell you because I knew you wouldn't want to hang out.

Me: Yeah

Plate: Wait? Yeah?

Me: Yeah you're probably right.

Plate: You don't mean that, you're joking.

Me: (Smirk on face)

Plate: ...

Plate: WOW.

Plate: You probably want to take me back home then?

Me: Nah, we will watch the movie.

(long silence during drive)

Get to my place. We begin watching the movie. Plate cuddles me. Movie is scary. Plate bitches that's its too horrifying to keep watching. Shut off the movie cause she's freaking out. Plate is close, so I begin kissing plate's sides / abs, grabbing her ass. Move to her face, she turns away.

Plate: I'm not kissing you. I don't want to do ANYTHING.

Me: That so?

Plate: Yeah.

Me: (Picks up keys) Let's go. We're taking you home.

(gets up, we head back to her place with the movie cut short)

In car

Plate: Why am I not good enough for you?

Plate: What's wrong with me?

Me: (smirk, no answer)


Plate: Are you just going to ignore me?

Me: I'm not your boyfriend and I'm not your friend. If you want to have sexless movie nights you're hanging out with the wrong person.

Plate: But why does it have to be one-sided like that? You get to have all the fun of your side? What do I get?

Me: How is sex one sided?

Plate: uhghh ahhh. well i didn't mean it like that.

Me: Hahahahaha.

Plate: (silence)

Plate: You're not going to call me again, are you?

Me: (silence)

I drop off plate at her house. She exits the car without a word. No texts so far. This happened last night. One observation I have is that Plate shit tests so much that I'm becoming a natural at just dodging them by ignoring them. I ignore her questions left and right like she doesn't exist. It's hilarious because hanging out with her is magnifying my asshole game.