After everyones help from my previous post, I decided to write an update. Just for the heck of it, in case you wonder how it went and for the sake of sharing.

So, after taking everyone's advice I withdrew attention. Talking less and less, 1-2 words replies or none at all. Eventually gaining some actual balls and completely ignore her; choosing for myself, not her. The moment she noticed, she went from (1) Asking what was wrong, (2) saying 'never mind, ill speak to you again some day' and (3) saying she was saddened that I no longer talked to her, (4) running to a common friend asking what was wrong and (5) send a snap stating that she loves me (shouldn't have opened the snap, I know I know).

Before reading TRP I would've said oh, I'll go ahead and talk to her again, she clearly cares! Now however, I stopped and started thinking. What is happening? I eventually went back to one of the basics: watch her actions, not her words. Leading me to conclude that she is probably just sad that she lost an orbiter. Or at least something along those lines. Most definitely not a potential mate.

Anyway, not a succes story as you often read but it did offer a valuable lesson for me. Choosing for myself and not keep those pathetic tendencies of staying around, thinking something will happen, no matter how 'sweet her words' are.

I have to admit though, wether it's warranted or not, I feel elated. Standing up, choosing for myself and seeing her spending all that time wanting to know what's wrong while I continued with my day(s). I don't know, this turn-around, a start of something new, it just feels good.

Thanks guys. As before I'll stick around.