This question is for the men who've been into TRP for the most part of the previous decade (and Endorsed Contributors too). How has swallowing the pill changed your life? What were you like before TRP and what positive changes did you incorporate into your lives?

I'm relatively new to TRP and it takes some time to internalize this stuff, and I understand that swallowing the pill and incorporating the changes is a process that can take months. How long was it before you men started seeing positive outcomes with respect to money, career, fitness and women?

What is the best advice for an 18 y/o noob who's stumbled onto TRP a month back? I've read Bang by RooshV, TRM and No More Mr Nice Guy and I lift and I read sidebar articles too. I'm learning how to code and about the stock market and as for plating and girls, I haven't been cold approaching much but I'm working on it because opportunities are extremely thin where I'm at currently.