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Want to drop plate in a petty way

September 14, 2018

I know this is petty but I’m annoyed. Probably at myself more than her but I want to end on a jab bc I feel like she has the upper hand.

Been bang this girl for a couple years now. She’s been a good plate over all. Id partying every weekend. Where she would really see my social proof and the women I had and that kept her right there. Whenever I called

Now since I stopped partying. And we reunited to fuck a couple times. Last time she messaged me after saying she wants more this and that but I was busy.

I tried to relink after 3 times. Once she was busy. Second time she was about to come then said her mom showed up. And the third she left me on read. I knew there was some other dude. Whatever. So Ignored her.

She hit me up with a nude on snap. I didn’t respond. Then she says she free Friday. I hit her up Friday and she said she worked then. I’m thinking wtf. These games are pissing me off and I told her about it. That I’m not wasting my time if she’s going to be playing games. She said she was busy and wants to see me still.

I tell her come get some dick. She said she works till 1 am. I tell her that’s what 2 am is for. She says dick? I say yes. And then poke fun she says something. I wait till 130 am and hit her back. Nothing. So I’m thinking you know what fuck this chick.

She sends me an ass shot Today. I’m free horny and against my better judgement I think. This is the last time I’m entertaining this. It’s now or never.

So I say come over. My dog misses her.

She says you’re free?

I say yes till later I’m going to the gym

She says you haven’t went yet?

I said are you coming? no, you’ll be my gym for now. I’m going at 12.

She leaves me on read.

Now I’m annoyed mostly at myself because I fell for it again but wtf. So I want to end this on a petty note. Idc if makes me look a certain way or butthurt. I am.

I want to pretty much tell her. I’m done playing this shit. It’s been real

What’s the best way?

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