What are the rules or guidelines when the man initiates the break up of an LTR?

March 26, 2019

Question: I see lots of commentary and guidance for when the woman initiates the breakup of a relationship. Would someone throw me some advice, or a link, on what to do when I initiate the breakup? What should I do? What should I NOT do?

Backstory: I just broke up with my LTR after 3 years. I started the relationship (pre-redpill) immediately after leaving my cheating ex-wife of 17 years. I fell madly in love with my LTR, and had an amazing time with her. I eventually became redpilled and opened my eyes to how things really are. It wasn't long before she made it known that she wanted marriage and me to move in with her. While I refused both, she continued to stay with me.

I'd say for the last year, I've known that I needed to breakup with her because I know she wants different things and I won't marry her (divorce in America will certainly kill that fairytale for you once you go through the courts).

This past weekend, she freaked out on me for silly reasons, and crossed some lines with what she said to me (I can explain if you want to know). She's done this twice before in the last three years, each time I left her place and she came crawling back to me the next day). This time I had enough, and broke things off last night. She seemed pragmatic about it, but I wouldn't be surprised if things get crazy when I go to pick up my things tomorrow.

I feel like shit because I still love her, but [I] know it's in the best interest of our mutual goals to breakup (we're both 42, each with our own kids).

Thank you.

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