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What are your wardrobe dealbreakers when it comes to commitment? Also where are your boundaries on complimenting another guy's woman?

August 10, 2014

I'm assuming no one reading this would commit to a girl who wears microskirts in public. I'm also assuming that no one would require that their woman wear an abaya in public. Where do you draw the line?

I ask because I saw a facebook friend of mine post a photo of his wife at a restaurant. Her cleavage was in full view. She is a very attractive girl and I wanted to post "she's hot" but I thought that would be a bit disrespectful. At the same time I thought he is disrespecting himself by allowing his wife to dress in [what is in my view] such a slutty fashion in public.

What are your thoughts?

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Title What are your wardrobe dealbreakers when it comes to commitment? Also where are your boundaries on complimenting another guy's woman?
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lol what? TRP is absolutely about what is and isn't appropriate female behavior, warning signs to look for in females, etc. Self-improvement is part of TRP but the other part is knowing how to attract and retain quality mates without risking your resources, health, freedom or life on women of low quality.

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Deal breakers are different depending on your tastes. My wife shows cleavage. She's got it, I enjoy looking at it and she doesn't do it in a low class way. There is a huge difference between a woman dressing feminine and dressing like a hooker. The times my wife does show more skin it's because I've asked her to wear something while she's with me.

As for pictures on Facebook, she gets complimented all the time on her pics by both of our friends. Sometimes I'll comment on them too with a "You'll definitely be getting some tonight."

She's gotten "beautiful" or "pretty" from guys but only women say she's "hot" or "sexy." It could be disrespectful if a guy said it, I guess. Hasn't happened so I don't know.

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Disqualifying a woman from long-term commitment based on her choice of dress is a foolish move made by a powerless man with no control over his relationships.

Take command of the situation. Tell her you don't approve of her dressing slutty in public, and that your girl dresses in fashion that is modest and classy. If she doesn't like it, there's the door.

Defiance is a dealbreaker, but you have to lay out your expectations first.

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It's definitely a red flag if she dresses for attention. It's hard to find an attractive woman who doesn't do it but if you are thinking about marriage then 99% of western women don't make the cut anyway. Girls that dress in 'normal provacative western woman' clothing can still be great plates and even good enough for STRs but for an LTR the sluttier she dresses the more she desires the approval of other men, and it matters.

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