What’s my Ex’s angle here?

December 23, 2019

Broke up almost a year ago, I dumped her bc I suspected a potential branch swing and went no contact.

I see her at the gym but I just do my thing and ignore her existence

She recently came up to me after the gym and said how she wants to apologize for what she did bc “what we had was really special” and “hopes one day I’ll wake up and forgive her”

I basically was like huhh, it’s not that serious.

She was persistent in acting like she hurt me, then apologizing numerous times. Acting very dramatic about it saying how I hate her. (because I see her often but never acknowledge her)

I just said ok that’s nice of you and I don’t hate you...just kinda smiling like idk what you’re going on about

Is she trying to get an ego boost trying to get me to say how she hurt me so much and how much I hate her so it? Lol

I could prob plate her for a little but only if she makes it easy but not sure after she was being so dramatic

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