So I'm gonna get roasted for this from the get go but I get it. I'm green and Im learning and moving at a decent pace to better myself.

So my current gf and I are long distance (I know save me the roasting). Normally we have a video chat every night or so where we hang and watch movies.

The past several days instead of paying attention she's constantly been on her phone texting/snap chatting. It's clear as day... Worse cast scenario it's another guy she's talking to but best case she just unattentive.

What's your best course of action to approach this situation. I don't want to seem like I'm controlling by telling her to stop using her phone and pay attention to what we're watching.

But I want to approach it in a manner where it directly addresses it without seeming like it affects me. I already know I'm stressing this small crap too much just wanted to get some advice on what would be a RP approach to handling this.

Tldr: girlfriend has recently been on her phone excessively during designated "us" time. How to approach this and not seem blue pill.